A List For Modern Indian Baby Boy Names

If you’re looking for modern Hindi names for your little one then you are at the right place. We’ve listed below modern Indian Baby boy names with their meanings which are very popular in India.

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names-


Name Meaning
Aarav A loud sound or thundering
Aarush The sun
Aayush Long life, health and vigour
Avyaan Soothe and appease
Advik Unique
Akarsh Attraction, fascination
Anay One without a leader
Atharva Name of one of the Vedas
Arhaan Popularly believed to mean ‘ruler or emperor’
Ahaan The day
Arnav Ocean, sea
Adhrit Unrestrained; free
Aryaman The sun, a close companion
Bhaavik Sentimental; full of emotions
Bhavin Illustrious, blessing
Chitaksh One with attractive eyes
Daksh Competent; intelligent
Darshit Displayed, shown
Devansh Part of God
Dhanuk Bow
Dhairya Patience, endurance and perseverance
Divij Celestial, born in heaven
Divit Heavenly, reaching for the sky
Divyansh Popularly believed to mean ‘part of the divine being’
Ehsaan Compassion
Eeshan Light and splendour
Faiyaz Doer of good deeds, virtuous
Farhan Joy, delight
Gatik Speed, motion, refuge
Gauransh Popularly believed to mean ‘part of Goddess Parvati’
Hardik Heartfelt; from the heart
Himmat Courage
Hriday Of the heart and soul
Hridaan Commonly believed to mean a ‘generous heart’
Hunar Skill; competence
Ishir Powerful and strong; fire
Ikshit Beheld and regarded
Ishaan The sun in the form of Lord Shiva
Ivaan Popularly believed to mean ‘God’s glorious gift’
Izaan Acceptance; obedience
Jaiyush Victorious, long life
Jivin To give life
Kanav Compassion and pity
Kairav General Name
Krishiv Believed to be a combination name created with the names ‘Krishna and Shiva’
Kiaan Popularly believed to mean ‘grace of God’
Kushagra Sharp and intelligent
Krish Related to agriculture; also used as a short form for the name Krishna
Lakshay Target
Lauhit The trident of Lord Shiva
Lakshit Targeted
Manan Reverence, homage
Manav A youth, mankind
Medhansh Popularly believed to mean ‘one who has inherited wisdom’
Moksh Salvation
Madhav Name of Shiva
Navodit Newly risen
Nimit Motive, sign
Nirvaan Ultimate bliss
Nishith Midnight
Ohas Praise
Omkara Name of shiva
Ojas Grandeur, vigour
Parv A holy day or festival
Pranay Reverence; affection
Prince Son of King
Pratham The first one
Prayag The historical name of the area near the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers
Purab East
Raghav Born in Raghu clan
Ranbir The brave warrior
Reyansh Part of a stream
Ritvik Priest
Ryan King
Rudransh Popularly believed to mean, ‘part of Rudra’
Saatvik Pure, pious
Savar A name of Lord Shiva
Sahil Guide
Saksham Capable
Samar Confluence; one who talks late in the night
Samarth Efficient
Shaan Peaceful, pride
Saihaj Popularly believed to mean ‘peaceful’
Sanskar Etiquette
Shayak Arrow
Shlok Hymn, a vedic chant
Shray Credit
Stuvan To praise
Suveer Popularly said to mean ‘heroic’ and ‘courageous’
Taksh Gold mountain, divine mountain
Tanvik Believed to mean ‘a king’
Tanmay Engrossed
Tejas Sharpness
Ujjwal Bright, clear
Umang Enthusiasm
Uthkarsh Superior, excellence
Vaibhav Glory, grandeur
Vihaan Morning, dawn
Viraj Sovereign, splendour
Virat Heroism, valour
Vivaan To plait or twist in the context of weaving
Yug An era, a generation
Yuvaan Youthful and strong; a young prince
Yuvraj Prince
Zain Radiance, excellence
Zeeshan Dignified, respected


I hope you’ve chosen a better name for your newborn baby boy from our list. If you like our name list then please share it with others family and friends.


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